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Hairstyle 106: fishtail braids rose bun

MF3-1122This hairstyle is very similar with the previous one.
I started the same way, with a ponytail, this time a low ponytail. I made three half-messy fishtail braids. I only rolled one braid and pin it in place to make it look like a rose bun and then I arranged the other two braids around it to make a larger rose bun.
It looks like a very stylized rose. It might be because my lack of experience.
I bet your hairstyle will look better.
But I am pleased by the end result and this is why I wanted to share it. It is just that I think my rose buns made from rope braids look more like roses than this one. I am talking about this one, this one and especially this one.


Hairstyle 105: fishtail braids bouquet

You know what I also love (besides fishtail braids)?
I love flowers…
I grow up in a place that looked like an enchanted garden and that place only exist now in my childhood memories.
So, arranging my hair in a certain way to make it look like a bouquet of flowers seems like a natural thing to do.
Fishtail braid is one of those braids that can be arranged like a blooming flower and it looks light and airy.
If you like this hairstyle and you want to make it, this is what you have to do. Make a high ponytail, after you untangled your hair. Divide the hair into three equal sections. Braid each section, making three half-messy fishtail braids. Roll each braid and secure it at the base of the ponytail with the messy side up and the neat part at the base. MF3-1122If you want to accentuate the flowers even more add something fancy in the middle. But this is just optional.
This hairstyle can be improved. It has a lot of potential.

Hairstyle 104: fishtail braid hairdo

hairstyle-104aI guess I am in a fishtail braiding mood.
So, pardon my enthusiasm.
I already told you I love this type of braid because it is a simple braid and it looks beautiful. And it also has a lot of potential to create spectacular hairstyles, like the one you see on the left.
Basically I’m saying that my hairstyle is spectacular…
I realise my point of view is not entirely objective. Fishtail braid is a time-consuming braid. And if you invested more in a project, you will cherish more the end result. It’s human nature.
But I still love this hairstyle! A lot!
And if you love it as well, this is how you can do it.

Hairstyle 103: fishtail braid again

April 18, 2013 1 comment

fishtail braidFishtail braid is awesome! Almost every time I have my hair braided this way, strangers stop me on the street to ask me how I made that braid. It happened to me today too. And I realise I neglected my promise to share with you more hairstyles. So, here I am… trying to catch up…
So, where were we?… Fishtail braid!… It is a great braid. Apparently it makes people come closer and connect with each other :).
You can read about the instructions in my previous post. There is one thing I would like to add. If your ends are really dry and they tangle easily, it helps if you add a tiny amount of olive oil to your ends if your hair is lighter, or castor oil if your hair is darker. Actually, if you have long hair, you already know that.
You can see on the left some suggestions for enhancing the beauty of this braid. Those round things you hopefully see in my hair are not hair accessories. They are actually buttons – vintage buttons – and they are gorgeous. They look like jewelry. So I took a hairpin and slid it through the tiny circle from the back of the button, the one that is used to attach the button to the garment. And voila ! Three amazing hair accessories! I only have three buttons… But I am happy anyway and I hope YOU are too!

Hairstyle 96: classic 5-strands dutch braids

This hairstyle is as easy or difficult as the previous one depending on your braiding skills; it is just more time-consuming. You can read first about the 5-strands dutch braid, because there are few suggestions there that you might find helpful. Then you can part your untangled hair down the middle and make 2 dutch braids with 5 strands – one on each side.

Then you can make an intricate looking hairdo… really intricate looking. My purpose was to make a heart-shape braided bun and it is not exactly heart-shape, but I still love it!

Hairstyle 92: braided hairdo (5 strands regular braid)

This hairstyle looks like a dutch braid. It is not a dutch braid; it is simpler. So, if you can not make a dutch braid, then you will probably love this little trick. First part the upper section of your hair from the bottom section and start to braid the upper section. I made the braid using 5 strands because I love the way braid looks, but you can make a regular braid with 3 strands; it will look very much the same. Braid the upper section only until you reach the nape of the neck. Hold the strands separated and divide the bottom section into 5 equal strands (or 3 strands if you make a normal braid), then join the two sections by putting together one by one the strands from the upper section with the ones from the bottom section. Continue to braid and fasten the ends. As you can see in the pictures you will have a space behind the upper braid, but this is not going to be visible. The benefit of this braid is that you can make an interesting hairstyle by pulling the bottom braid through that space that’s behind the upper braid and make a bun. The bun will look very much like the on/off button of the computer or other electrical devices. So, I guess this is the power bun!

Hairstyle 91: 5 strands regular braids

You might wonder who would bother to make a braid with 5 strands that looks like a braid with 3 strands?… That would be me! You might also wonder why would I do such thing?.. Because the braid looks neat and tight and another thing I noticed is that the braid seems longer than a normal braid with 3 strands. As usual there are two ways to make the braid.

This is the french way. You can see how it looks on the left braid from the picture. Basically you take one outer strand and move it over the next two strands, then you take the other outer strand and move it over the previous two strands… and repeat from the start.

And this is the dutch way. You can see how it looks on the right braid from the picture. This time you take the outer strand and move it under the next two strands, then take the other outer strand and move it under the previous two strands… and repeat.

This is how I hold the strands: I grab the fist strand with the pinky finger, the second strand with the ring finger, the third strand with the index finger, then I hold the fourth strand between the thumb and the index finger (you can also ignore this strand for now), then I grab the last strand with the middle finger. At this point you have to switch hands: so take the strand held between the thumb and index finger (or the ignored strand) with the pinky finger, the strand held by the index finger with the ring finger, the strand held by the middle finger with the index finger, the strand held by the ring finger hold it between the thumb and the index finger and grab the last strand with the middle finger. And repeat!… Maybe it is not the easiest way to make this braid, but it works. You have to hold the strands with the fingers towards you if you want a dutch looking braid, or with the finger away from you if you want a french looking braid.

In these pictures you can see what you can do with the braids:

There is a similar hairstyle here. Those are regular braids with 4 strands and the little buns were made from the root part of the braid. These are regular braids with 5 strands and the very little buns were made from the end part of the braid. Anyway, I like both hairstyles very much.