Feminine Minimalism

Minimalism means different things for different people. For instance, long healthy hair can be minimalism - same hair and infinite styling options. Again, natural hair (no dye, no straightener etc...) can be minimalism - it is independence.

For majority minimalism means having less and be more. So, the main question is: to have or to be? It is a tough question. And here is a new one: why not both?


Hairstyle 113: faux hawk fishtail braid

Image I like this faux hawk hairstyle. Is has a modern vibe.
It is not much to say about it. I divided the hair into three sections and I made a french fishtail braid (french herringbone braid) from the forehead to the nape using the hair from the middle section. Then I gathered all the hair and secured it into a low ponytail.
This hairstyle will look the best on someone with sleek, thick hair.


Hairstyle 112: 6 strands round dutch braid

hairstyle-112a This is not an easy hairstyle; especially if you are braiding your own hair. But it is not as difficult as I thought it would be. This is the first time I’m braiding a six strands round dutch braid and I’m very pleased with the end result.
hairstyle-112b It is important to know how to make a round braid with six strands. There are two methods I know and this one seems easier from my point of view, but you should try the other one too, in case that one seems easier for you.
Before trying the dutch braid, practice the normal braid at the nape to teach your fingers what to do.
How to hold the strands?… Honestly, I’m only holding the two strands from the middle and I let the other strands free. Only when I bring the braid over the shoulder to continue the braid I hold two strands together, the next two strands separated and the last two together. The strand that I need to work with is the one that is higher. I know it doesn’t sound very professional, but it works – at least for me. And I am a beginner.

Hairstyle 111: classic french fishtail braids

MF3-1122 Basically there are two french fishtail braids; one on each side of the head. So it is important to know how to make a fishtail / herringbone braid.
This hairstyle is so time-consuming. But it looks cute; my left side looks cuter than the right side. I braided the left section first. I started with two small strands, then I took a small amount of hair from the left side of the section, I placed it over the left strand and I added it to the right strand. Then I took a small amount of hair from the right side of the section, I placed it over the right strand and I added it to the left strand. And so on… I tried not to twist the strands; my braids look different when I do that. And I prefer this look.
hairstyle-111b You can arrange the braids in different ways to make a bun. Here is a suggestion, but you can creat even more beautiful hairstyles, because the braids are so beautiful. Don’t get discouraged if the braids are not perfect. You can add accessories to conceal any details that are not so neat.
In fact, these braids look good even when they are messy as you can see here.
MF3-1122 The classic fishtail braids also give a texture to the hair that is very interesting. Claire Pettibone is a very talented designer and some time ago she had a collection called “spirit of the night”. This texture reminded me of that collection. Of course my hair is not so dramatic and enchanting like the hair of the models in the show, but I still feel like it has a magical vibe.
You can read here an article from her blog about this show, where you can also see some backstage pictures.
In conclusion, I love this hairstyle.

Hairstyle 110: braids and curls

MF3-1122Does this braid look complex? Does it look pretty? Is this hairstyle hair-friendly?
For me, having my hair styled with two relaxed braids is the most comfortable hairstyle ever. And I guess is the most hair-friendly too. But there is the age-appropriate factor and having two braids is childish.
So here is what I did. I had two round braids with 4 strands and I made a rope braid with them.

hairstyle-110b The best part about this hairstyle are the curls. Braiding the hair to get some sort of waves or curls is not something new. Many women do that. I’m no exception. And I tried many braids. And these are the most natural looking curls for me and for my type of hair.
In conclusion I love, love, love this hairstyle.

Hairstyle 109: another 5 strands flat braid

MF3-1122 This braid is pretty similar to the previous one. It is a fairly simple braid; or as simple as a braid with 5 strands can be. It is a braid that looks different. So it is a good braid; it is worth the time and the effort to learn to make it.
hairstyle-109aI hope the sketch I made is explicit enough. Left strand goes under, over, under. Then right strand goes under, over, under. Then again left strand goes under, over, under, then right strand under, over, under… and so on.
One suggestion is to use ribbons instead of the third strand and the fourth strand, assuming you start to braid from the left.
And you might want to read (again) about the other flat braid with 5 strands or about the regular looking braid with 5 strands. See which one is your favorites.
I love them all equally.

Hairstyle 108: another 4 strands flat braid

hairstyle-108bThis is another braid that get noticed… and makes people ask me how I did it. Again it is a very simple braid. Probably it is the simplest from the 4 strands braids category.
hairstyle-108aThe best part about making a braid with four strands is that is easier to divide your hair evenly. So, you have four strands. And let’s assume you start to braid from the left. Bring the strand over the next one and under the other next strand. Then bring the right strand under the previous one and over the previous of the previous strand.
And repeat (left strand – over, under and right strand – under, over) for as long as it is necessary.
You will notice that one strand will remain fairly straight in the middle of the braid. So if you make a looser braid and hold that strand and push the other strands up, you will get a different look as you see in the single braid picture versus the Heidi braids picture. The braid looks pretty both ways.

Hairstyle 107: regular braids rose bun

MF3-1122I absolutely adore this hairstyle. This is the most rose looking bun I ever had from my hair.
And it is ridiculously simple to make. It is very similar to the previous hairstyle, except I made three regular braids instead of three fishtail braids.
hairstyle-107aAnd another great thing about this hairstyle (and the previous one) is that it looks very nice from the front. Because it is a very large rose bun, it looks like a tiara from the front.
So I love this hairstyle…
But… There is a “but”… This rose bun didn’t get as many compliments as the rope braid rose bun did. That is a great hairstyle too. And I need less than five minutes to make the bun. I don’t even bother to make a ponytail first, I just rope braid the hair, coil the braid, secure it and I’m ready to go. And the feed-back I get is very positive. People are saying that my hairstyle is neat, stylish, elegant etc…
And I was wondering what is the difference and I came to the conclusion that it’s my attitude. Because this is a new hairstyle and because I’m very pleased with how it looks, I might carry myself with a little pride and that is not very appealing.