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Hairstyle 106: fishtail braids rose bun

MF3-1122This hairstyle is very similar with the previous one.
I started the same way, with a ponytail, this time a low ponytail. I made three half-messy fishtail braids. I only rolled one braid and pin it in place to make it look like a rose bun and then I arranged the other two braids around it to make a larger rose bun.
It looks like a very stylized rose. It might be because my lack of experience.
I bet your hairstyle will look better.
But I am pleased by the end result and this is why I wanted to share it. It is just that I think my rose buns made from rope braids look more like roses than this one. I am talking about this one, this one and especially this one.

Hairstyle 105: fishtail braids bouquet

You know what I also love (besides fishtail braids)?
I love flowers…
I grow up in a place that looked like an enchanted garden and that place only exist now in my childhood memories.
So, arranging my hair in a certain way to make it look like a bouquet of flowers seems like a natural thing to do.
Fishtail braid is one of those braids that can be arranged like a blooming flower and it looks light and airy.
If you like this hairstyle and you want to make it, this is what you have to do. Make a high ponytail, after you untangled your hair. Divide the hair into three equal sections. Braid each section, making three half-messy fishtail braids. Roll each braid and secure it at the base of the ponytail with the messy side up and the neat part at the base. MF3-1122If you want to accentuate the flowers even more add something fancy in the middle. But this is just optional.
This hairstyle can be improved. It has a lot of potential.

Hairstyle 104: fishtail braid hairdo

hairstyle-104aI guess I am in a fishtail braiding mood.
So, pardon my enthusiasm.
I already told you I love this type of braid because it is a simple braid and it looks beautiful. And it also has a lot of potential to create spectacular hairstyles, like the one you see on the left.
Basically I’m saying that my hairstyle is spectacular…
I realise my point of view is not entirely objective. Fishtail braid is a time-consuming braid. And if you invested more in a project, you will cherish more the end result. It’s human nature.
But I still love this hairstyle! A lot!
And if you love it as well, this is how you can do it.


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